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“A trusted partner on your journey of discovery to unlock your data”

We save lives everyday by:

  • Distributing and maintaining laboratory instrument and reagents to hospitals and laboratories.
  • Providing IVD solutions to pathology laboratories and partnering with industry and academic institutions in their scientific research.
  • Providing excellence in Clinical Training and Education, as well as technical support – to improve the quality of clinical care across Sub Saharan Africa.
  • We offer cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions to ensure better patients outcomes

Meet the Team

Company Strengths

What we do

The Scientific Group is a diagnostic and life-science company with 40 years of experience in the sales and service of instruments, reagents and consumables in the scientific and diagnostic industries.

We supply and support a comprehensive range of high-tech equipment and associated consumables as well as general laboratory items. We work with exclusive distribution partnerships for the products we offer and provide in-house after-sales support by means of both applications and technical service personnel.

Key Purpose

Facilitating access to world class diagnostic and life-science into Africa, through trusted partnerships and technologies which are accurate, cost effective, flexible, reliable, and conform to exceptional quality and standards.


The Scientific Group is an organization built on a deeply rooted culture with exceptional people, products and service. We aim to become Africa’s most reliable and pioneering diagnostic and life science solutions partner; serving patients, customers, colleagues, business partners, and communities.
Where Life and Science Meet!

Where our passion lies

We are extraordinary people who aspire to be the best we can be for our customers, our patients and for each other. Our strength lies in our unity and servant leadership. We value each other, take care of each other and work together for the greater good.
We respect the gift of LIFE.

What we specialize in

We supply and maintain a wide range of diagnostic instruments in the

  • Clinical pathology field which includes: Chemistry, Microbiology, Haematology and Molecular Biology.
  • As well as the Anatomical Pathology field: namely Histology and Cytology.

Our Business Segments:

  • Instrumentation (Capex Intensive) +, Reagents/consumables accompanying the instrumentation (Closed Systems)
  • Reagents / Consumables suitable for general application(Open Systems)
  • POC Devices and Reagents / Consumables accompanying POC devices (Closed systems)
  • Research Reagents / Consumables – Niche Market /Speciality Consumables
  • Rapid Tests not requiring instrumentation

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